About Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited was founded in Bombay in September 1947 as a fully-owned subsidiary of the former Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Ltd. The centre purpose to build Oriental Insurance was to purvey the necessity of General Insurance for all the sections of the Indian market. Oriental Insurance made a humble start with the first-year premium of Rs. 99,946 in 1950 and since then the Oriental Insurance has established multiple general insurance products in India and has gained a distinction in the Indian Insurance industry for its levelled and systematic fulfilment of the general insurance business.

Oriental Insurance grants individual and industrial based insurance products. Apart from furnishing insurance to individuals and families, it also renders products to large corporate and enterprises like power/steel/chemical plants, petrochemical industry etc.

Oriental Insurance offers insurance products in the following domains :
The Edge Offered by Oriental Company

Claim Settlement Ratio

In 2017-2018, Oriental Insurance claim settlement ratio was :